Friday, July 31, 2015

Les Petits Pirates - Unboxing!

Les Petits Pirates is now officially available for purchase on The Game Crafter and today I received my proof copy to check out before officially publishing it.  And let me tell you, it's AWESOME to have a copy of the game with quality printed components!  And the box turned out beautifully!  No, it's not a fancy two piece game box (that drove the price up too much), but it's a very sturdy tuck-like box with a padded insert to keep the components safe.  And the artwork printed out beautifully!  Anyway, without further ado, here are pictures of the game and components in all their beautiful glory!

 - $24.99 - Les Petits Pirates, as pictured.

 - $7.99 - Les Petits Pirates, just the maps and rules (you supply the tokens and dice).

Les Petits Pirates all boxed up and shrink wrapped!

I did all the artwork in the game, including the box.

The box's dimensions are 6.75" x 9" x 1.25", so it's not too big, but won't hide on a shelf either.

Plays 1-3 players, 30-45 minutes, and ages 12+ (actually an 8 year old can play it fine, but I need to meet TGC guidelines
and they only go down to 12).

The back of the box highlights the components and gives an overview of the game.

Time to take the shrink wrap off.

The padded insert is super nice for keeping everything organized and giving the box some structure.

Everything comes bagged nicely.  Not necessarily grouped the way I'd prefer, but this is how TGC packages the game.  

The rule book is small, but looks sharp!

All the internal graphics are clear and colorful.

Six maps, all much nicer looking than my OfficeMax printed prototypes.

The backs of the maps have the same artwork as the box.  I wish TGC had good token options (cardboard tokens were
prohibitively expensive since I use so few in the game) for 1 and 5 Gold values, but I had to mix small wood tokens for
1 Gold and larger composite tokens for 5 Gold.  It works, but if I ever get this published through a bigger publisher I'll
hopefully have more thematic tokens.

The ship tokens are a little smaller than I'd have preferred, but the 12mm dice still fit on them nicely.

After repackaging the game I was happy to find that there were just enough baggies to sort each player's pieces separately
and have an extra baggie for the gold and starting player token.

Everything packed back into the foam insert.

Back in the box and ready to look beautiful on my shelf!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Win Les Petits Pirates & ChromaWerks

Happy Birthday to GJJ Games!!!

To celebrate GJJ Games being online for 1 year I will be giving away a copy of two games that I designed: ChromaWerks and Les Petits Pirates! Enter the raffle below.

Open to residents of the US and Canada only please.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run from 12am on Tuesday, July 14th through Friday, August 14th. Be sure to like the GJJGames Facebook Page!

If you don't want to wait to see if you've won, both games are available as free Print and Play games or you can purchase professionally printed copies of the games from The Game Crafter here:

Les Petits Pirates - $24.99 - 
Les Petits Pirates Maps & Rules Only - $7.99 - 
ChromaWerks - $6.99 - 
ChromaWerks, No Packaging - $4.99 -