Go Make A Hike

Go Make A Hike
is a competitive tile drafting and placement game for 2-4 players (with a solo mode) about building the perfect hiking path. Each round, players will draft either a Trail or Destination tile to add to their Trail System. Destinations require certain features along their trail: Water, Flowers, Wildlife, or Viewpoints.

As players work to build the perfect hike their trails will grow and spread across the table in an impressive display of nature's beauty!


  • Tactile play with tiles and tokens.
  • Inviting theme and great table presence.
  • Simple rules, fast setup, low downtime.
  • Enjoy the outdoors from your game table!
  • Solo mode included.

Go Make A Hike: Off the Beaten Path is an expansion for Go Make A Hike which includes three modules that can be added to the base game in any combination.

  • Fire & Ice includes 10 new Destnatons with volcanic and snowy themes.
  • Ordeals to Adventures adds immediate and ongoing effects that can change the flow of the game.
  • Points of Interest adds new, yellow feature cubes that have unique scoring opportunities.

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