Fundraising Wars

Fundraising Wars
1-4 players
90 minutes
Ages 10+
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In Fundraising Wars players are raising funds for their respective organizations by selling products throughout their neighborhoods.  Boy Brigade, Voyager Girls, East Spiel High Marching Band and West Spiel High Athletics all need money to support their activities.  Players can sell products around town, but not everyone will want to purchase from them.  Players must balance selling at homes, small businesses, apartments, and office buildings with setting up booths at grocery stores, churches, and other community locations.  Players can also perform Service Projects that will help them sell more when they are out in the community or hold Fundraisers that will provide more immediate benefits.  The ultimate goal is to win awesome sellers rewards, like science kits, books, and electronics, or to fund outings and adventures like camping trips, magician performances, and awards night banquets by earning enough money and completing enough sales to accomplish these goals!

Fundraising Wars is a larger game, so there are no print and play files available.  There is both a deckbuilding element to the game and an economic element.  Play time should be around 90 minutes and the game supports 4 players on a modular board.  With different Goals available, millions of possible board layouts, and a wide variety of Activity cards each game will play differently.

Game design by: George Jaros
Special Thanks: Julie Zaborac, Mike Jaros, Sam Jaros

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