Thursday, May 13, 2021

Press Release - The Market | A Pocket Game from Anthem Creations

All You Need is a Little Bit of Hope
May 13, 2021

Following the fulfillment of a successful first Kickstarter, a local game designer brings a new card game to a wider audience.

G. Wesley Cone - Alamance County father, pastor, and game designer - took a bold step and launched a Kickstarter during the COVID-19 pandemic, when all conventional wisdom screamed “now is not the time to start a new business.” This first project, Empyrean HERO: The Card Game, shipped to over 300 backers last year. Following fulfillment of this project, Cone went back to the drawing board, this time accompanied by his five year old daughter, Zoe, to develop a new game.

The Market | A Pocket Game is a lightning-quick, press-your-luck, resource management, market game accessible to novices and more advanced gamers alike. Gain Hope in the post-apocalyptic economy of the world of Tempo.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Rolling Seas Crowd Sale earns $50 for Extra Life!

During my Rolling Seas Crowd Sale I promised to donate $1 to Extra Life for every copy sold.  Today I completed that promise with a $50 donation through my Extra Life fundraising campaign!  This money goes directly to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, specifically Anne & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this donation possible!  With this donation, I'm up to $328 raised, which is great!  This November I'll be organizing my annual Extra Life Charity Auction and 24 Hour Game Marathon to raise more (last year we raised over $3950).

To learn more, or to donate to this wonderful cause, head to my Extra Life page.  You can donate games (or gaming-related stuff) to the auction, or donate directly to Extra Life.  I'm extremely grateful for any support!

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Press Release - Introducing Bright Eye Games, a new publishing studio!

A Brand New Studio

Introducing Bright Eye Games, a new publishing studio focused on fun & accessible board games to play
with friends and family.

United Kingdom - May 11, 2021. Bright Eye Games is a new UK-based board game publisher and localisation partner founded by some of the team behind PSC Games. They believe in bringing friends and family together to share in the joy that great gaming experiences have to offer. Bright Eye Games will publish fun and accessible board games covering a broad range of light-hearted and interesting themes that everyone can enjoy.

Press Release: SolarFlare Games brings Quests: Heroes of Sorcado to Kickstarter May 25, 2021

SolarFlare Games is blending a unique combination of campaign fantasy, light RPG, choice-driven adventuring, and an epic story to bring their 12th game to the tabletop gaming world.

Dallas, May 1 , 2021 – SolarFlare Games, the creators of the Nightmare Forest board game series and several licensed Robotech games, today announced their most ambitious and dynamic game, launching for crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform on May 25, 2021 – 7a CDT.

Press Release - The Game: Face to Face - Delayed until June 2!

The Game: Face to Face

Delayed until June 2!

From Pandasaurus Games:

Global shipping has been under quite a bit of stress for the entirety of 2021. This has affected all types of shipping and created a domino effect of delays across the board.

Our shipment of The Game: Face to Face has been stuck in Montreal for weeks, and just now began showing signs of movement again. We are pushing the release out two weeks from May 19 to a new release date of June 2.

Of course, it's possible that it gets held up somewhere else along the way, in which case we will make another announcement!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

People Behind the Meeples - Episode 279: Ben Downton

Welcome to People Behind the Meeples, a series of interviews with indie game designers.  Here you'll find out more than you ever wanted to know about the people who make the best games that you may or may not have heard of before.  If you'd like to be featured, head over to and fill out the questionnaire! You can find all the interviews here: People Behind the Meeples. Support me on Patreon!

Name:Ben Downton
Location:United Arab Emirates
Day Job:Security Consultant
Designing:Six months to a year.
BGG:Micro Dojo
Facebook:Prometheus Game Labs
Find my games at:Micro Dojo is on Kickstarter, May 10, 2021
Today's Interview is with:

Ben Downton
Interviewed on: 1/3/2021

This week's interview is with Ben Downton, who just launched his Kickstarter for Micro Dojo yesterday and it's already over 750% funded! Ben has only been designing for a short while now, but has a long-term vision of building a publishing compny with a whole line of games. Read on to learn more about Ben and his projects!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Rolling Seas Crowd Sale Stretch Goal Maps Complete!

I have completed the five PnP maps for Rolling Seas that I promised as stretch goals for the Crowd Sale!  We hit 5 Discount Tiers, so I made three standard maps and two with the exploration bonuses.  These are the designs that were voted as people's favorites.
Dice Islands

The Jolly Roger

The Kraken

Hello Octopus!

Space Invaders