Rolling Seas

UPDATE: Rolling Seas has been signed for publication by Nuts! Publishing! Read More here. 

Rolling Seas

Players: 1-6+ Players
Time: 30-60 Minutes
Weight: Light-Medium
Mechanics: Roll & Write
Development Period: November 2019 - Present

  • Simultaneous play supports any number of players!
  • Create a map and a story of your adventures!
  • Each game is a unique adventure!

Download the Quick Start Tutorial

You can be playing in 10 minutes or less.  Learn the game as you play! 

Expansions Available:

  • Crew Members - Hire Crew Members to gain special abilities and have more control over your Adventures! Also includes two new maps.
  • Islands & Map Pack 1 - Island Cards let you have a unique map every time! Plus five new pre-generated maps to explore! Also includes eight new Adventures to add to your deck.
  • Map Pack 2 - Six new maps to explore! These maps have bonuses when you explore certain spots. Also includes eighteen new Adventures to add to your deck.
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Rolling Seas is a new roll & write game that I've been working on for The Game Crafter's Staff Roll and Write Challenge.  The First Edition of Rolling Seas was a semifinalist!  The Second Edition is now available, with streamlined setup, better Adventure pacing, Pirates, and more!

Explore the islands and seas of the Alkundic Archipelago and tell tales of your voyages!

The seas of the Alkundic Archipelago have long been known for their treacherous storms, exhilarating currents, hazardous rocky outcrops, and even a mild infestation of sea monsters. You and a ragtag crew have set out to explore the islands and seas they occupy. Along the way you will have adventures, stop at ports to resupply, get a better ship, and tell the tale of your voyages. The more you tell your story the more reputation you’ll earn. Will your crew have the greatest tale to tell and earn the most reputation? Sail the Rolling Seas and find out!

Design Diary - Read along to learn about the process of designing Rolling Seas!
  • Intro & Part 1
    • Coming Up With the Idea - Early November 2019
    • The Sailing Tests - November 12-14, 2019
  • Part 2
    • Finding a Sailing Solution - November 14, 2019
    • Bonuses - November 15-22, 2019
  • Part 3
    • A Prettier Game - November 23-29, 2019
    • The First Public Playtesting - December 3, 2019
  • Part 4
    • Maps & Crew - January-February 2020
    • The End of Playtesting, Sort Of... - March-May, 2020
  • Part 5
    • Nuts! Publishing & Rolling Seas Updates - April-July 2020
    • New Ideas - July-December 2020
  • Part 6
    • Second Edition & Getting Signed - January-April 2021
    • Crowd Sale - April 2021
Updates! The second edition of Rolling Seas has some updates that make the game even easier to get into!  New maps make setup a breeze and Smooth Sailing Adventure cards help new adventures come out at a more even pace.  And now you can play with Pirates!  An available tutorial will have you playing in no time.  You can learn while you play.
Overview: Rolling Seas begins with everyone initializing their maps – drawing known adventures and choosing a Home Port. Each round has three quick phases that everyone participates in simultaneously: Adventures, Dice, and Actions. In the Adventure Phase you'll draw an Adventure card, which could indicate Smooth Sailing or add a new Adventure to your maps, like Sea Monsters, Storms, Pirates, and more! The Dice Phase consists of rolling two types of dice to determine the wind direction and exploration events. In the Action Phase each player can choose to Sail, Explore, or Visit a Port. As you Sail and Explore you’ll add to your Story. When you Visit a Port you’ll get to tell your Story to gain Reputation. The player with the most Reputation at the end of 25 rounds is the winner!

Tip: Use colored pencils on your map and keep a record of your journey in your travel log for an even more immersive experience!
How To Play Video:

The Game Crafter Edition - Unboxing, Expansions, and More!

Playthrough & What's New:


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