Duct Tape Roll

Duct Tape Roll is a dice game inspired by The Red Green Show. Roll your dice to collect parts like appliances, tools, and vehicles along with plenty of duct tape. Send Harold out on errands and hope he finds what you need. But watch out for explosions! Too many and you’ll just be collecting scraps.

You’re working on some ingenious handyman projects, like a One-Man Water Heater Submarine, a Chainsaw Moped, and a Stretch Limo. You can also acquire useful tools, like the Possum Van, Bill’s Overalls, and a Duct Tape Dispenser to help you manage your junk and make good use of the handyman’s secret weapon.

Duct Tape Roll can easily be re-themed to a generic handyman competition if the Red Green license is unattainable.

On Your Turn: 

  1. Choose Dice to Roll
    • Keep or re-roll Parts & Duct Tape
    • Send Harold on Errands - Pass them to the next player to roll and resolve.
    • Watch Out for Explosions - Gain 3 and your turn ends.
  2. Collect Earnings
    • Collect Scraps if you got 3 Explosions.
    • Collect Parts & Duct Tape if you didn’t explode.
  3. Maintain Existing Projects - Each project uses some Duct Tape to maintain.
  4. Complete New Projects - If you didn’t explode, spend Parts and Duct Tape to complete new Handyman Projects.

When you roll a Harold you’ll send him out on an errand. Pass any Harold dice to the next player to roll. They’ll either find the parts Harold is looking for, gain some Duct Tape for themselves, cause an explosion, or send Harold on to the next player.

Harold keeps everyone involved on every turn!

  • Hilarious, accessible theme
  • Highly interactive dice play
  • Engaging choices
  • Simple to learn
  • 7 custom dice
  • 36 cards
  • 4 player boards
  • 5 trackers per player
  • 40 tokens
  • 1st Player token

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