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I'll keep this list updated with Kickstarter campaigns that have caught my attention. Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for backing all of these games, but these are the ones I have my eye on and would back if I could. Please check them out and give them some love if you are so inclined! I'll try to keep this list up to date and sorted in order by end date. I'll also note campaigns that I've actually backed. I'll also mention any campaigns that I've done game reviews for.

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  1. Gauntlet of Heroes by Flame Stryke Games
    Status: Not Funded
    Base Game Pledge Level: $26
    Campaign End: 3/15/2015
    Goal: $13468
    Gauntlet of Heroes is a fun and exciting card game of "UN" cooperative dungeon crawling with 2-5 of your "friends".
    GJJ Games Backed!
    Gauntlet of Heroes is a great little card game in the same vein as Munchkin (but a competely different game). The game has some great potential.
    Quick Review - Gauntlet of Heroes - Kickstarter Preview

Completed Campaigns
  1. Loop, Inc. by Eagle Games - Successfully Funded on 7/9/2015
    Time Travel for Fun and Profit! Outfit a Time Machine. Send Customers on "Back in Time" Trips. Manage past selves BUT don't screw up!
    This is another game by designer Scott Almes that I really wish I could have backed.
  2. Civicus Dice Game by Playco Games - Successfully Funded on 7/8/2015
    Civicus dice game is the first in a series of civilization themed games, set in a world of abstract high fantasy.
    GJJ Games Backed!
    Quick Review - Civicus Dice Game - Kickstarter Preview
  3. Mare Nostrum - Empires by Uwe Eickert - Successfully Funded on 7/6/2015
    'Mare Nostrum - Empires': Lead your Empire to greatness and glory!
  4. Petri Wars by Angry Duck Games - 38% Funded on 7/5/2015
    An infectious game of deception, devouring and domination. Mutate and adapt your strategy to dominate the dish! For 2-4 players.
  5. Sultan's Library by Photon Games - Successfully Funded on 7/2/2015
    The Sultan needs your help! Explore the world, find ancient Books and venture into the Sultan's Library, a card game for 2-4 Players.
    Quick Review - Sultan's Library - Kickstarter Preview
    I reviewed this game and frankly, I'm surprised this funded. I felt the game was a complete waste of time and had very little going for it. I hope the backers aren't as disappointed as I was.
  6. Epic Card Game by Robert Dougherty - Successfully Funded on 6/30/2015
    A complete strategy card game from the creators of Star Realms. Two to four can play sealed, draft or constructed out of one small box!
    GJJ Games Backed!
  7. Street Kings by The Board to Death Team - Canceled on 6/28/2015
    A fast-action racing game with NO DICE! Street Kings puts you behind the wheels, will you be the Street King?
    GJJ Games Backed!
  8. World of Mythology by Jumperaound - Successfully Funded on 6/26/2015
    WOM is a card game in which gods from different mythologies use their powers to win the supernatural combat! Wanna play like a god?
  9. We Have Goats by Oliver Smith - Successfully Funded on 6/25/2015
    Tile-Laying, Goat-Racing Game with Zombie Kitty, Portals & a Chupacabrasaurus.
  10. Empires at Sea by Zack and Amy Silverzweig - Successfully Funded on 6/23/2015
    Empires at Sea: An Epic duel across the Seven Seas. A game of trade, exploration, and war. And pirates. Don't forget about pirates.
  11. Exoplanets by Board & Dice - Successfully Funded on 6/20/2015
    In Exoplanets you are one of many architects of a planetary system, all vying to have the greatest impact and influence.
  12. Sky Scrapers by Doug Masel - 4% Funded on 6/16/2015
    The board game "Sky Scrapers" is made of ceramic tiles. You can design your own board and city name with your own inspiration.
    I tried out the digital version of this and enjoyed it, but a $50,000 funding goal, combined with odd components at a high price and a poorly developed campaign were not good for this one. This was Successfully Funded (under the name The Buildings) in a much more reasonable campaign with a $1000 funding goal a few months later.
  13. The Titan Series by Calliope Games - Successfully Funded on 5/30/2015
    A series of gateway games by the world’s greatest game designers—perfect for introducing your friends to your favorite hobby!
  14. Button Bashers Turbo by Multi-Bit Games - Canceled on 5/28/2015
    A refined retro themed experience based on arcade style fighting games. This light table-top game combines modern gaming with nostalgia.
    Quick Review - Button Bashers Turbo - Kickstarter Preview
    I reviewed this game and felt it had a lot of problems. A tiny bit of potential, but it needed a lot of work.
  15. Dragon Punch by Koen Hendrix - Successfully Funded on 5/28/2015
    A quick and ultra-portable 2-player card game inspired by Street Fighter.
    This game was part of the 18 Card Microgame contest I participated in last year.
  16. Shadowstar Corsairs by Ryan Wolfe - Successfully Funded on 5/19/2015
    As an independent starship captain granted letters of marque by ConFederation authorities, your job is to outmaneuver or outgun rival captains to prove that you alone should rule the Shadowstar Expanse.
    At the Protospiel I went to in Madison in October 2014 I got to see Shadowstar Corsairs in action. I didn't get a chance to play but all there agreed that it was a fantastic game. The friend that went with me to the Protospiel played the game and is a backer, so hopefully I'll get to play it soon!
  17. The King's Abbey (relaunch) by Admagic Games - Successfully Funded on 5/15/2015
    The year is 1096 A.D. and the King Sivolc has a plan to leave the Dark Ages behind forever...
  18. The Siblings Trouble by Pencil First Games - Successfully Funded on 5/13/2015
    Go on an epic, 30-minute adventure in this card-driven, cooperative, storytelling game inspired by childhood imagination. 2-4 Players.
    GJJ Games Backed!
  19. Ion: A Compound Building Game by Genius Games - Successfully Funded on 5/6/2015
    An Explosively Fun Card Game for 2 -7 players about the chemistry of basic elements, ionic bonding, and everyday compounds!
    GJJ Games Backed!
    Quick Review - Ion: A Compound Building Game - Kickstarter Preview
    We love science games in our house, so backing this was perfect, especially after I got to preview it.
  20. Best Treehouse Ever by Green Couch Games - Successfully Funded on 4/18/2015
    A card drafting game of outfitting the best treehouse in the neighborhood with the coolest rooms and making sure it doesn’t tip over.
    I really wanted to back this game by Scott Almes. He also designed Harbour and the Tiny Epic games, which I love.
  21. Rahdo Runs Through... YEAR FOUR! by Richard Ham - Successfully Funded on 4/21/2015
    Former videogame designer Richard Ham runs through the latest & greatest boardgames, putting YOU at the table.
    GJJ Games Backed!
    Rahdo Runs Through is one of my favorite sources for both learning how to play a game and deciding if I'll like a game. I love his candidness, talking through possible strategies, and opinions. It really gives you a feel for how a game plays and if it's right for you.
  22. Legendary Metal Coins for Gaming by Drawlab - Successfully Funded on 4/7/2015
    Fantastic metal coins that will help your games shine and enrich your gaming experience.
  23. Tesla vs. Edison by Artana LLC - Successfully Funded on 4/2/2015
    The War of Currents! 2-5 electricity innovators build routes, grow tech trees, and play the stock market in 20 minutes per player.
    GJJ Games Backed!
  24. Shadowstar Corsairs by Ryan Wolfe - Canceled on 3/24/2015
    As an independent starship captain granted letters of marque by ConFederation authorities, your job is to outmaneuver or outgun rival captains to prove that you alone should rule the Shadowstar Expanse.
    At the Protospiel I went to in Madison in October 2014 I got to see Shadowstar Corsairs in action. I didn't get a chance to play but all there agreed that it was a fantastic game. The friend that went with me to the Protospiel played the game and is a backer. This game was successful on a relaunch later in the year, so hopefully I'll get to play it soon!
  25. Gauntlet of Heroes by Flame Stryke Games - 31% Funded on 3/15/2015
    Gauntlet of Heroes is a fun and exciting card game of "UN" cooperative dungeon crawling with 2-5 of your "friends".
    GJJ Games Backed!
    Quick Review - Gauntlet of Heroes - Kickstarter Preview
    Gauntlet of Heroes is a great little card game in the same vein as Munchkin (but a completely different game). The game has some great potential. I'm hoping for a relaunch with a few tweaks to the rules and mechanics.
  26. Ghostbusters™: The Board Game by Cryptozoic Entertainment - Successfully Funded on 3/12/2015
    Play as the Ghostbusters in this exciting board game inspired by the films, cartoons, comic books, and toy lines. For 1-4 players.
  27. Amino! by The CGS Unit - 37% Funded on 3/7/2015
    Collect molecules for the best atmosphere to make amino acids! Great for both game nights and classrooms. 3-6 players, 30-45 minutes.
    GJJ Games Backed!
    This looks like a fun, light, educational card game that will fit right in with our homeschool science curriculum! Hopefully there will be a relaunch.
  28. Dark Lord: The Board Game by Dystopic Entertainment - 41% Funded on 3/2/2015
    Dark Lord is an independently developed board game for savvy gamers about domination and control, melding card and board game mechanics.
    Another game by fairly local designers, this time to the west of me in Dixon, IL.
  29. Trickerion - Legends of Illusion by Mindclash Games - Successfully Funded on 2/28/2015
    A strategy game of magic and deception, where aspiring Illusionists clash in a grand contest for fame and fortune.
  30. Last Starfleet by Wicked Grin Games - Successfully Funded on 2/23/2015
    Team up to tame a wild world and save humanity before time runs out!
    This project is being done by a local designer! Sam Oplinger is from Chicago!
  31. Bring Your Own Book by Matthew Moore - Successfully Funded on 2/23/2015
    Search through books for text to take way out of context.
    GJJ Games Backed!
    With several thousand books in our house this was one we just had to have.
  32. Exploding Kittens by The Oatmeal - Successfully Funded on 2/19/2015
    This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.
    Exploding Kittens was 100% funded in 20 minutes, 1000% funded in an hour, and is nearly 10,000% funded ($1,000,000) in less than a day. The project ended up earning 8.78 MILLION dollars and was over 87,800% funded!
  33. Horrible Hex by Stone Circle Games - Successfully Funded on 2/17/2015
    The newest twist in abstract strategy games. Horrible Hex is a head-to-head tactical tile-laying game for 1-3 players.
  34. The King's Abbey by Admagic Games - Canceled on 2/15/2015
    The year is 1096 A.D. and the King Sivolc has a plan to leave the Dark Ages behind forever...
    This game was successfully funded in a relaunch later in the year.
  35. Mathopia by Impress Games - Successfully Funded on 2/13/2015
    Mathopia multiplication is a fun maths card game for all the family not just the kids. It can help you learn and is a great gift too!
  36. Spirits of the Rice Paddy by APE Games - Successfully Funded on 2/9/2015
    Step into the life of a Balinese farmer. Build your paddies, then plant, weed and harvest the rice. Let the Spirits guide your way...
  37. Tiny Epic Galaxies by Gamelyn Games - Successfully Funded on 2/7/2015
    30min MICROGAME of Intergalactic Conquest for 1-5 Players! Develop your empire and colonize planets to create the most powerful galaxy!
    GJJ Games Backed!
    Tiny Epic Galaxies is the third game in the Tiny Epic series created by Scott Almes and Gamelyn Games. I also backed Tiny Epic Defenders and purchased Tiny Epic Kingdoms and love both games. TEG has broken some records and hit an incredible funding level to become one of the most backed board games ever on Kickstarter!
  38. Forged in Steel by Knight Works - Successfully Funded on 2/3/2015
    Bring the industrial revolution to your table by developing a steel city in the 1900's. Build factories, manipulate headlines and more!
  39. The Dice Tower Season 11 by The Dice Tower - Successfully Funded on 2/1/2105
    The Dice Tower enters its eleventh season. We are raising funds to keep it going, making it better in every way!
  40. Blood Oath: The Beginning by Seda Interactive - Canceled on 1/29/2015
    An immortal battle begins! A harrowing 3 player card game capturing the war between Vampires, Slayers & Lycans!
    I became interested in this game when I first saw it posted on Facebook. The card art was fascinating, but the text on the cards was rife with grammatical errors. I offered to help reword the card text so it wouldn't be so obviously from a non-English speaker. I did a lot of work to help Seda Interactive out with this and was excited to see this project launch, however I think they have made a number of mistakes in their campaign and jumped the gun by launching it before it was ready for public exposure. I think the game is overpriced, lacks reviews, and the campaign page is filled with the same kinds of errors I helped them fix on their cards. I hope they are able to regroup and relaunch this because it looks interesting but I suspect the unprofessionalism in this campaign is sadly going to be too much to overcome.
  41. Mine, All Mine! by All Fun and Games - Successfully Funded on 12/14/2014
    Build your fleet, beat out the competition and claim victory in "Mine, All Mine!" with 2-4 players in 10 minutes or less.
  42. Dragon Racer by Thylacine Games - Successfully Funded on 12/11/2014
    Ever wanted to ride a dragon? Dragon Racer is a new fast-paced strategic card drafting game for 2-8 players! (Note: 5-8 players requires two copies of the game.)
  43. DragonFlame by Minion Games - Successfully Funded on 12/4/2014
    Be a dragon! Loot castles! Burn villages! Battle knights! Dragonflame is 30-minute card game for 2-5 players with fire in their veins.
    First Play Impressions - DragonFlame - Kickstarter Preview
    DragonFlame is by Minion Games, located in Milwaukee, WI. I met James Mathe, the owner of Minion Games at Protospiel Madison. He was kind enough to send me a promo copy of the game so I could do a review. My review is quoted on the campaign page, my first quoted review!
  44. You Dirty Rat by JackSmack Games - Canceled on 11/30/2014
    Assemble your team of criminals to rob the town, swindle your opponents, and commit daring heists, in this quick yet robust, card game!
    GJJ Games Backed!
    You Dirty Rat is a game I played at Protospiel Madison and I really had a great time playing! I was disappointed the campaign didn't work out but they had a later relaunch that they ended up canceling because they were approached by a publisher. I hope to see this in print someday soon!
  45. Microvores by Wendigo Publishing & Consulting, LLC - Successfully Funded on 11/30/2014
    What will your strategy be to survive as a microorganism? Hunt & Gather, Evolve, Mutate, Proliferate, or die trying!
  46. Bring Out Yer Dead by Ginger Ale Games - Canceled on 11/26/2014
    Bury your dead, swap graves and dig up treasure for the win in this 2-5 player Board Game.
    This is now published!
  47. Siege of Verdan by Jester's Hand Publishing - Canceled on 11/20/2014
    A strategy game that allows players to control diplomats, merchants, assassins, armies and much more to help them unite Verdan.
    GJJ Games Backed!
    This looks like a really awesome war game and I hope it is more successful on it's relaunch.
  48. Operation F.A.U.S.T. by Robert Burke Games - Successfully Funded on 11/17/2014
    A bluffing and deduction game that takes place in occupied France during WWII. Save priceless art treasures from the Nazi scourge.
  49. Cartography by Jon Adams - Successfully Funded on 11/14/2014
    A map-making, territory claiming, strategy game. 2 players, ages 10 and up. Adjustable play time starting at 15.
  50. GingerDead House by We Make Games - 74% Funded on 11/13/2014
    A Tower Defense table top board game that is set in the world of Grimm's Fairy Tales for 2-4 players.
  51. Monster Mansion by Chancegamer LLC - Successfully Funded on 11/12/2014
    A real-time cooperative adventure for 2-8 players. Defeat legendary monsters to earn gold and escape before the time RUNS OUT!
  52. Peptide by Genius Games - Successfully Funded on 11/10/2014
    A genetics-based, open-drafting card game, accurately themed around how living cells build proteins!
    GJJ Games Backed!
    I'm super happy this project was successful. It made it at the last minute after a huge surge of funding in the last two days. This will become part of both our game night collection and our homeschool learning tool collection!
  53. The World of Smog: On Her Majesty's Service by Cool Mini or Not - Successfully Funded on 11/9/2014
    Delve into the magical steampunk World of Smog, puzzling out its labyrinth of rotating gears to recover the precious Artefacts!
    I let this one get by, unfortunately. It looked great, but I didn't think my wife would go for another game. She saw the video and some reviews the day after the campaign ended and I got a huge scolding for not letting her know about this one sooner. Here's hoping I can snag it in a retail outlet at some point! (UPDATE: I now have a copy! It looks fantastic and plays pretty good, too!)
  54. Dead Drop by Crash Games - Successfully Funded on 11/1/2014
    Lurking behind every corner is that one piece of information that could change the world. Can you grab it before your opponents?
    First Play Impressions - Dead Drop - Kickstarter Preview
    Dead Drop was the first game I ever was asked to review. I had a great time playing this game and reviewing it, even if I felt the game had a few flaws. The Kickstarter campaign had a few rough spots, but finally funded on the last day after some magical promotion by Crash Games and fans.
  55. Bomb Squad by Tasty Minstrel Games - Successfully Funded on 10/1/2014
    THE CLOCK IS TICKING—program the robot, save the hostages, deactivate the bombs. In only 30 minutes, 2-6 players can become heroes.
  56. Dead Men Tall No Tales by Minion Games - Successfully Funded on 9/15/2014
    A cooperative boardgame of looting a burning ship for 2-5 players.
  57. Compounded: The Geiger Expansion by Dice Hate Me Games - Successfully Funded on 8/31/2014
    An expansion for the popular chemistry board game, Compounded, that adds even more science and fun to the lab – with radioactivity!
    I strongly considered backing this at the level to get the base game, too. Unfortunately budget just wouldn't allow it at the time. It's on my wishlist though!
  58. Antediluvian Wars: Extermination by Andreas Propst - 13% Funded on 8/30/2014
    AWE - Tactical Card Game: The epic wars of ancient Gods - straight out of your pocket! Featuring AWEsome artwork, mechanics & gameplay!
  59. Tiny Epic Defenders by Gamelyn Games - Successfully Funded on 7/19/2014
    A Cooperative MICROGAME for 1-4 players! Follow-up to the smash hit Tiny Epic Kingdoms!
    GJJ Games Backed!
    First Play Impressions - Tiny Epic Defenders
    This game caught my attention enough that I printed out the print and play version of the game and played a few times with friends. I enjoyed the game and ended up backing it and also getting Tiny Epic Kingdoms, the previous game in this series that I missed the Kickstarter for. I love both TED and TEK!
  60. Harbour by Tasty Minstrel Games - Successfully Funded on 7/16/2014
    Harbour is an easy to learn light-hearted fantasy card game for 2-4 players packing a punch in 10-15 min. per player.
    GJJ Games Backed!
  61. Realm of Heroes by Mr. B. Games - Successfully Funded on 6/26/2014
    The King is dead, and all are making their play for power. Do you have what it takes to emerge victorious in this Realm of Heroes?
  62. Progress: Evolution of Technology by NSKN Games - Successfully Funded on 6/24/2014
    Research technologies to build a civilization and help your society flourish. Become part of the Progress!
  63. Robot Turtles by Dan Shapiro - Successfully Funded on 9/27/2013
    Robot Turtles is the the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history. It sneakily teaches programming fundamentals to kids ages 3+.
    GJJ Games Backed!
    GJJG Game Reviews - Robot Turtles
    Robot Turtles is the project that introduced me to Kickstarter. The game was an incredible success and my boys still love playing it today.

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