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GJJGames is George J Jaros Games.  George is a board game player and designer from DeKalb, Illinois.

GJJGames was founded to both showcase games designed by me (George) and as a place to review games that I've played.  I have two main types of reviews on this site:

  • Quick Reviews will be shorter reviews posted within a day or two of playing a game for the first time and will get a preliminary rating of 1-10 (low-high).  Quick Reviews also include Kickstarter or prototype previews as well.  Generally previews are a bit longer than a standard Quick Review, but since the game is not a final published copy I don't put it through the rubric that I reserve for Full Reviews.  
  • Full Reviews will be more in depth reviews of games, with ratings in a number of different categories and then a final rating out of 100.
In addition to game reviews and updates on my game designs, I'll try to post information about other events in the table top games world.

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About Me:  I am a board game player and designer from DeKalb, Illinois. I've loved board games for years and played all the classics when I was younger. I loved Civilization (the Avalon Hill version) back in highschool and college, and played tons of card games, board games, and more for most of my formative years. I didn't play games much after I got married and had kids, until 2014. Now my boys are old enough to play most games and I've found that tabletop games are a huge hit in my household. Our collection keeps growing and we keep playing.

Over the last few years, I've been getting more and more engrossed in the gaming community and started GJJ Games to both showcase my own game designs and review others' games. I do a lot of Kickstarter previews, occasionally review published games, and have been adding more content to GJJ Games, like the People Behind the Meeples series of indie designer interviews, Eye on Kickstarter, and more.

The games that I've designed have been well received, but none are officially published yet. A number of them have print-and-play files available and several are available for purchase on print on demand sites, like The Game Crafter and Drive Thru Cards.  If you're interested in having a game reviewed or playtesting (or publishing) any of my games, please get in touch with me!

George.  In a cave.  In Iowa.

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