To Reign Supreme

UPDATE: To Reign Supreme has been redeveloped and redesigned.  It is no longer an 18 card game, but has expanded to allow for much easier mechanics.  The game itself has also evolved and grown.  A new page will be coming soon.

To Reign Supreme is a 2 player area control war game that uses 18 cards.  Each player battles to conquer 6 contested Territories, using the abilities of the territories to build their military and increase their wealth.  Battles are conducted via a card based mechanic that limits chance and increases decision based strategy.

Each player has 5 Military Strategy cards and can choose 3 to use throughout the game.  Each player starts with the same 5 Military Strategy cards, differing only in card color, and must choose the three that best match their intended strategy.  The other two cards and the 2 Rules cards are used to track Wealth, Military, and Battle specific stats for their country.

The game may be playable with 3 or 4 players with additional decks, although I haven't tried it out yet.

PnP File is available here:
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10-29-2014 - The latest update changed some of the Military Strategy Cards.  I felt the 4 sword card was too strong and the 1 sword card was too weak (although I might bring it back, but coupled with more damage) and in a game where so much hinged on the limited number of swords and territories to conquer, I made the cards less varied.  Now all the cards have 2 or 3 swords and the variance is focused more on the defense and damage.  If you'd like to try the game with the old Military Strategy cards and let me know which you prefer, the PDF for that can be downloaded here:

Card Fronts (old drafts, PDF has current cards)

Card Backs (old drafts, PDF has current cards)

The artwork for the cards is coming along, slowly...
Agricultural Lands, The Citadel, the Weapons Workshop, and the Iron Mine, all finished.
Game design by: George Jaros
Special Thanks: Julie Zaborac, Mike Jaros, Sam Jaros

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