Extra Life Fundraiser Call for Sponsors

Below is the 2021 Call for Sponsors graphic and the email I have been sending to publishers and industry companies about sponsoring the event.  


It's that time of year again, time to start planning for the annual Extra Life Charity Auction and 24 Hour Marathon!  Every November GJJ Games, in partnership with There's Fun In Store - a local game store, runs several events to support Extra Life and raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  One of the events I run every year is a Charity Auction.  Both industry sponsors and local gamers donate games and gaming-related items for inclusion in the auction. 

TLDR:  In 2020, 45 industry sponsors and local gamers helped raise over $3950 for charity!  Please join us again this year as we hope to grow the event even more.  If you're familiar with the event because you've donated in the past, skip to the end for my shipping information.  Thank you!

Last year was tough since COVID-19 prevented the local in-person events I usually run, however, the industry sponsors came out in full force last year with HUNDREDS of donations!  In 2020 we had 45 sponsors (and have had over 65 sponsors over the years), plus a handful of local gamers donate over 300 items to the event, helping to raise a record $3950 for charity!  In 2021 I hope to keep the events growing!

It would be wonderful if your company would join this great cause and wonderful event. If possible, it would be great if you could help sponsor the 2021 event by donating:

  • One or more games (new or used)
  • Promo items or accessories
  • Swag
  • Or anything else

In exchange for your support, you will be highlighted in the event pages and included in all promotions of the event, both online and in-store.  If you have games available in the stores I have partnered with we will have special tags that identify your games as sponsor games.  This is a great opportunity to both promote your company and support a great cause! 

This year's Charity Auction will be from November 5 to November 12.  We will also be having either a 24 Hour Game Marathon in-store or 24 Hour Livestream (or both, details are still TBD) from November 5 to November 6!  You can learn more about this year's event, as well as my past events, and see how they've grown over the years here: http://georgejaros.com/ExtraLife and follow along with this year's auction as I build the pages over the summer here: https://charityauction.bid/2021ExtraLife-GJJGames

Sharing and promoting the event is also greatly appreciated.  I'll be posting more about it on my GJJ Games blog and social media pages as the date gets closer.  I'm really excited about how the Charity Auction has been growing and hope you are as well.

If you're able to support my event this year I'd greatly appreciate it!  You can send donations to me to be included in the event (my mailing address is in my signature below).  Here's the link to my Extra Life page: http://extra-life.org/participant/GJJGames and my team page: http://extra-life.org/team/DeKalbGamers


George Jaros - GJJ Games
[Email George for shipping address]
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Current 2021 Sponsors:
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