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Thanks for coming to my page of sell sheets!  Designing games is something I really enjoy, but I don't get to attend many conventions to pitch my games, so I've put quite a bit of work into putting together a set of sell sheets for all of my games that I feel are in a publishable state.  Most of these titles are available on The Game Crafter as self-published titles, but I would love to see them picked up by publishers, polished up, and brought to a wider audience.

If you are or know of a publisher that may be interested in any of these, please reach out either on Facebook or via my Contact Page.  Thanks!

I will be at Origins this year and will be available to talk about my games Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before 10am or after 6pm (on Thursday I will be at the UNPUB Speed Pitching event from 7pm-9:30pm).  I may also have some availability during the day but am currently scheduled to demo games for Thunderworks Games most of the day.  Please let me know if you are interested in any of my game designs.

8 Seconds is a dice game about riding bulls in a rodeo.  Ride bulls and avoid getting bucked off!  When you're not riding place bets on the rider's results.  The excitement of bull riding and everyone stays engaged throughout the whole game!  1-6p, 5-60 minutes (there is a speed variant that plays very quickly), Age 10+

Beard Snacks is a light to middle-weight tableau and engine-building game about growing the most bodacious beard!  Have snacks and meals, store food in your beard, then use that food to grow a longer beard!  Action cards have multiple uses that can help you or hinder your opponents.  1-5p, 30-60 minutes, Age 10+

Duct Tape Roll (not included in the All Games sell sheet) is a dice game inspired by The Red Green Show. Roll your dice to collect parts like appliances, junk, and vehicles along with plenty of duct tape. Send Harold out on errands and hope he finds what you need. But watch out for explosions! Too many and you’ll just be collecting scraps.  You’re working on some ingenious handyman projects, like a One-Man Water Heater Submarine, a Chainsaw Moped, and a Stretch Limo. You can also acquire useful tools, like the Possum Van, Bill’s Overalls, and a Duct Tape Dispenser to help you manage your junk and make good use of the handyman’s secret weapon.  Duct Tape Roll can easily be re-themed to a generic handyman competition if the Red Green license is unattainable. 1-4p, 30-45 minutes, Age 10+

Go Make a Hike is a competitive tile drafting and placement game about building the perfect hiking path. Each round, players will draft either a Trail or Destination tile to add to their Trail System. Destinations require certain features along their trail: Water, Flowers, Wildlife, or Viewpoints.  1-4p, 30-45 minutes, Age 12+ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgxiXQym7rM

Les Petits Pirates is an action selection, dice manipulation pirate game. It features a small footprint (maps can be as small as a postcard), lots of player interaction, and asynchronous action resolution. Plunder, attack, and sail the seas and be the first to bury enough treasure to enjoy a decadent pirate retirement! 1-4p, 20-60 minutes, Age 8+

MiniSkull Quests - A light press-your-luck adventure game with mild take-that mechanics and lots of dice rolling. Press-your-luck while trying to go on the perfect quest. Then use your heroes' special equipment and abilities (and sometimes your opponents' heroes, too) to help you succeed. Games always last about the same time regardless of player count! This is part of a series of games (currently 7 games at various stages of development) that I am working on which share a theme and setting, but have unique mechanics, smaller size, and quick play times. 2-5p, 40 minutes, Age 8+

Pharmacology - A heavier dice drafting, engine building game about pharmaceutical companies competing to develop medicine and vaccines to cure diseases. Features a unique dice drafting mechanic from a cycling pool of dice and exciting action chains that make each turn a fun puzzle to solve. An earlier version of this game won the 2017 The Manhattan Project Dice Game Contest hosted by Minion Games. 1-5p, 30-90 minutes, Age 12+

Polyhedral Potions is a roll & write dice drafting game using a set of 7 polyhedral dice. Players will use the dice as Ingredients to craft different types of Potions and Poisons in order to earn Stars and points for making Distillations and Fulminates.  1-5p, 30-45 minutes, Age 12+ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gF10Z8pXYkc

Race to the Moons - A heavier worker-placement game about researching technology and building rockets so you can be the first to colonize a moon around an interstellar planet. A unique first-user bonus mechanic and a change from engine building to a race with risk and risk mitigation make this game stand out from the crowd. 1-5p, 30 minutes per player, Age 12+

Trick Builders is a unique blend of trick-taking and deck-building! Build a powerful hand so you can win tricks, but be careful. What helps you this hand builds the common deck that will be available to everyone in the next hand. Trick Builders blends familiar mechanics in a unique way that plays quickly.  JT Smith of The Game Crafter called it one of the top three games he played during Protospiel Milwaukee 2018. 2-6p, 30-45 minutes, Age 12+

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