2-4 Players - Per player: 8 minutes, plus 2 minutes per color
Development Period: June 2016
Status: Playtesting

Emotions are fickle things, here one second and gone the next.  Others can toy with your emotions, manipulating and deceiving you, making your current emotional state a state of constant flux.  Until you can secure your emotions in your memory bank there is no telling how you’ll end up feeling.  In Gemotion you and up to three other players will compete to collect the most positive emotions while avoiding the negative emotions.

Gemotion is for 2-4 players (up to 6 with an expansion) ages 8+ and plays in about 8 minutes, plus 2 minutes per color, per player.  So a 4 player game with 3 colors should take about 56 minutes.  2 player games range from 20 to 48 minutes and 4 player games range from 40 to 96 minutes depending on how many of the 8 additional colors are used.

There is a pile of gems in the center of the table.  White gems are worth 1 point.  Colored Gems have different values – see the rules for each color below.  Each player has identical decks of cards, each with a unique ability.  Using these cards, players try to Bank as many White Gems as they can while sticking opponents with other Gems.  On each turn players will have three cards in their hands.  One card must be played, one discarded, and the third either played, discarded, or kept until the next turn.

PnP Files:

Also Needed:
Colored Gems (or cubes, beads, etc.) - white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black - see the Rules for counts.

8/4/2016 - The first playtest with multiple emotions went great.  Just a few very minor changes to the rules (power cards cost the gems listed, not your whole stash).  I've added options to some of the simpler cards to discard them to draw a new card, or play them to draw a new card, or other benefits combined with drawing a new card.  The new card drawn would have the same rules as the normal third card - play, discard, or keep it.  And at the end of a player's turn they can still only draw up to three cards (to still make the purple gem benefit of drawing a 4th card still better).  I think this will solve two issues: help decks cycle a bit faster and give players a few more options on a few cards that otherwise wouldn't be playable (although there are still several that may not be playable in some instances). 

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