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Would you like to receive email from GJJ Games?  I currently have two lists available.

GJJ Games News will be for infrequent emails about major news, like new games available for play, any major events, if/when any of my games get published or go to Kickstarter, and news from other members of the game industry that I personally think you'll find interesting.  I promise I won't inundate you with frequent emails or irrelevant information from any third parties.

GJJ Games Playtesters will be for communicating with playtesters about games that I would like playtested, events that I'll host to playtest my games, and times when I am playtesting or previewing games by other designers.  If you like trying out new games that may have a few rough edges and think it's pretty neat to be involved in the design and development process of tabletop game creation this will be a great way to get informed about ways you can help out.

Privacy Policy
My privacy policy is super simple.  I will NEVER sell or give my list of email addresses to any third party, ever, for any reason.  I treat everyone on these lists as my personal friends and you won't get any messages that I wouldn't send to my close family and friends.  If I wouldn't want to see if you won't get it.  I find these lists easier to manage than keeping a list in my personal email program.  And of course, you're free to unsubscribe at any time.

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