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Many of my games have print and play versions that you can download and construct yourself.  These are generally my card games, so they're pretty easy to construct.  Just print a few pages and cut a few cards.  Sleeving them makes it even easier!  A few of my PnP games need a few extra components, but they're generally pretty common components (dice, pawns, gems, tokens, etc.).  If you don't mind a bit of printing and cutting, give these games a try!
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Les Petits Pirates
1-3+ Players - 45 minutes
Printable Components: 1-6 pages for maps.  Rules.
Additional Components: 9 D6 dice in 3 colors, 9 ship tokens in 3 colors, 24 coins, first player marker.  Note: Pennies, dimes, and nickels can be used for both the ship tokens and coins.

In Les Petits Pirates players are pirates trying to gather resources and gold while trying to prevent their opponents from doing the same.  Through action selection and dice manipulation, players will plunder, attack, and sail the seas in their quest to bury enough treasure and enjoy a decadent pirate retirement! The game is played on a micro sized game board (3.5” x 5”) and with a number of readily available components (dice, coins, and a first player marker).  The game is for 2-3 players, but can support more players by combining more game boards or solo play with a special map and rules.

MiniSkull Caverns
A 9 Card Dungeon Crawler
1-3 Players - 30-45 minutes
Printable Components: 1 pages of cards, double sided.  Rules.
Additional Components: 4 D6 dice, 4 pawns, 4 gems.

In MiniSkull Caverns, 1-3 heroes will compete to explore the caverns beneath the ruins of MiniSkull Castle and return with riches beyond their wildest dreams. You are one of those optimistic explorers. Are you prepared to risk your life for diamonds the size of a wild boar? Along the way you will encounter monsters, battle other heroes, and recover some priceless gems. Be careful though, the more noise you make, the more you will attract the deadly denizens of MiniSkull Caverns. Before you can escape with your spoils you must battle the affectionately, though unsuitably, named Tiny. Dragons don’t like it when you try to burgle their baubles.

8 Seconds
A Buckin'-Press-Your Luck Rodeo Game
1-8 Players - 10-15 minutes
Printable Components: 4 pages of cards, single sided (3 pages if you use the low-ink business card format, card backs are optional). 1 page with custom dice stickers and token stickers (token stickers are optional).  Rules.
Additional Components: 8 custom dice, several tokens.

8 Seconds is a press-your-luck dice and card game for 1-8 players about the action and excitement of bull riding in a rodeo.  Roll your dice and match your moves to the moves of the Bulls.  But beware the rodeo clowns!  There are only three on staff, so if you roll a fourth Rodeo Clown you’ll have to fill in and you won’t score your Bull!

Heroes and Rogues, Out for Gold
2-4 Players - 15+ minutes
Printable Components: 2 pages of cards, double sided (1 optional double sided page).  Rules.
Additional Components: None.

Heroes and Rogues, Out for Gold is a micro action-selection and set-collection game with a bit of deduction thrown in for good measure. The game consists of only 18 cards and a set of rules.  It's for 2-4 players and one round takes 10-15 minutes. It can be played for one round or several and scores tallied.

In this game 2-4 players compete to create a team of adventurers by choosing actions from character cards that are available on the table. Selecting a character from the face-up choices in the center of a table is done by exchanging one card from your hand with one on the table. Then the action of the character that was selected is taken and the character removed from the player’s hand is placed face-down on the table. The object is to build a team of character cards with the same Elemental Affinity (color) and/or Race (symbol or suit) in your hand.

2 Players - 10 minutes
Printable Components: 2 pages of cards, double sided.  Rules.
Additional Components: None.

In ChromaWerks two players each use 9 double sided cards (shuffled) to make a 3x3 grid.  Each quadrant of each card is machinery of a different color and players must take turns completing one of four actions to try to get all four center blocks to be solid colors.  The design has various types of machinery in different colors: Red Gears, Yellow Drive Belts, and Blue Pipes.  There are also sections of 'broken' machinery with images of damaged components on a black background.  Damaged or broken machinery can't be used to complete blocks.

Snowball Fight
2 Players - 15 minutes
Printable Components: 2 pages of cards, single sided (1 optional single sided page, card backs are optional).  Rules.
Additional Components: None.

Snowball Fight is a micro deckbuilding and deduction game for two players that only contains 18 cards. In the game players go head-to-head with their arsenal of snowballs in an attempt to be the ruler of the Blizzard Realm!

In Snowball Fight each card has two possible actions, one on each half of the card (top and bottom). The action a player takes each turn depends on the direction they play the card. The game is played in two phases, a quick Drafting phase where players build their initial arsenal and then the Snow Assault phase where there is all out war! Play is simultaneous and players try to attack each other with an arsenal of snowballs, slushballs, and the dreaded iceballs and snow covered rocks while also trying to dodge attacks and build up their weaponry!

4th Grade Confidential
3-5 Players - 10+ minutes
Printable Components: 2 pages of cards, single sided (1 optional single sided page, card backs are optional).  Rules.
Additional Components: None.

4th Grade Confidential is a microgame of deduction, bluffing, and cunning. The idea is based on my friend Neal Simon's comic book project called 4th Grade Confidential, starring his kids and their friends (including my kids). The premise is that a 4th grader named Adin is a private eye at his school, working to solve the great mysteries of elementary school, like who stole his sister's stuffed pink bunny.

In 4th Grade Confidential one player is the Sleuth while 2-4 other players are the Characters. Each round the Sleuth is trying to solve a different mystery. The Sleuth has six Sleuth Cards and the other 12 cards are dealt evenly to the Characters. The Sleuth has four turns to try to figure out which Character has the Target Item for that round by calling out various attributes and seeing who has items with matching attributes. Through careful deduction and use of actions the Sleuth and Characters all try to be the player to end up with the Target Item.

The game can be played in a single quick round, or in a longer game with each player taking the role of the Sleuth.

To Reign Supreme
2 Players - 20 Minutes
Printable Components: 2 pages of cards, double sided.  Rules.
Additional Components: None.

To Reign Supreme is a 2 player area control war game that uses 18 cards.  Each player battles to conquer 6 contested Territories, using the abilities of the Territories to build their Military and increase their Wealth.  Battles are conducted via a card based mechanic that limits chance and increases decision based strategy.

Update: An updated version of To Reign Supreme is under development.  This will use more cards for more varied game play and simpler mechanics.

2-4 Players - 10+ minutes
Printable Components: 2 pages of cards, double sided (card backs are optional).  Rules.
Additional Components: None.

Pirates Enjoy Math (Don't Say Arrrrrrithmetic) is a micro card game fro 2-4 players in which players use math and the Order of Operations to try to become the pirate with the most Loot.

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