Polter-Heist: Quests

Polter-Heist: Quests
Development Period: September 2014 - Ongoing
Status: Playtesting

Polter-Heist: Quests adds a level of complexity to the original Polter-Heist, bringing more competition, more strategy, and more cooperation to the game.  In Quests each player will have specific goals in their exploration of the haunted house.  New Item Decks for each floor of the house include different treasures, artifacts, and items to collect.  Your character may be required to work with the other characters to complete tasks and find items, or maybe you have an evil heart and will complete your goals at the peril of your fellow players.
Getting chased down by a mob of zombies!
What's New
This expansion adds a number of additional cards and components. Actions instead of roll-and-move mechanics will ensure that players have more control of their exploration of the house.  There are new discoveries for each of the floors, character cards, secret agendas, tokens and pieces to represent demons, zombies, fire, locked doors, body parts, and more!  Plus a Scenario Guide with 19 different scenarios (and counting)! Each game will be wildly different with Polter-Heist: Quests!

The Demon Whisperer has defeated the Explorers.
Scenarios Include:

Scenario 1: Where is the Treasure?
A traitor is trying to hide the treasure while the other players are trying to find it.

Scenario 2: The Demon Whisperer
One player is intent on summoning demon minions to attack the other players.

Scenario 3: Spell Slingers
Each player is a warlock searching for the treasure for their own purposes.  They will use magical spells and magical items found throughout the house to stop each other.

Scenario 4: Ghost Hunters
A team of ghost hunters is intent on capturing ghosts instead of searching for treasure, but some items will help in their hunt.

Scenario 5: Paranormal Investigators
Paranormal investigators are searching for ghosts, but to study, not capture.

Scenario 6: Ghosts Head Start
One player starts the game as a ghost.

Scenario 7: Speed Search
Two players see who can search the most rooms fastest and then escape.

Scenario 8: Capture the Flag
Four treasures in the house are up for grabs.  The first player to find two and escape wins.

Scenario 9: Ahhhhh!  Zombies!!!
The players are a group of survivors searching a zombie infested house for a treasure trove of supplies.

Scenario 10: On the Hellmouth
The treasure is in the basement, but before the explorers can venture to the basement they must find weapons to battle the growing horde of monsters awaiting them down there.

Scenario 11: Big Bad Bad Guys
Each floor of the house has a big monster just waiting to be released.

Scenario 12: Burnin’ Down the House
The house is on fire!  The explorers must find the treasure before the house burns down!

Scenario 13: Mad Scientist
One player has locked himself in the basement so he can build monsters out of body parts while the other players search for the treasure.  Will the explorers decide to take out the scientist before his monsters attack them?

Scenario 14: Find Your Personal Treasure
Each player has a specific item that they are looking for.  The first to find their item and escape causes the ghosts to attack with fervor.

Scenario 15: Locker Blocker
Many of the rooms in the house are locked and keys must be discovered before the doors can be opened.  But one player is intent on locking the rooms again.

Scenario 16: It Grows!
A strange fungus is growing in the basement.  The fungus spreads every turn and will soon start to creep onto the first floor and block the door.  Before the players can escape thy must hack their way through a wall of slime, but they must do it quickly before the slime engulfs them!

Scenario 17: The Sneak
Players search each floor and find the Treasure almost immediately, however no one trusts anyone else, so they do not reveal that they have the Treasure.  Instead they try to sneak out of the house while the other players try to figure out who has the Treasure and stop him.  A game of deduction, reasoning, and bluffing.

Scenario 18: Werewolf
Explorers enter the house together, intent on finding the Treasure.  But at the stroke of midnight they are in for a surprise.  One or more of the Explorers is a Werewolf and it is their night to transform!  Now the Explorers must continue searching for the Treasure while fending off Werewolf attacks.

Scenario 19: Shifting Corridors
As players explore the house nothing remains the same for long.  Shifting and changing rooms create an ever fluctuating house and each room comes complete with its own set of dangers!  Beware!

Game design by: George Jaros
Special Thanks: Julie Zaborac, Mike Jaros, Sam Jaros

Copyright © 2014-2015

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/.

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