Civilization Building with a Tech Tree, in a Mint Tin
A game of Develop-mint, Advance-mint, Move-mint, Arma-mint, Govern-mint, and lots of Enjoy-mint and Excite-mint! 

2 Players - 60 minutes
Development Period: November/December 2016
Status: Playtesting
Designed for the 2016 Mint Tin Design Contest

CivMint is an entry in the 2016 PnP Game Design Awards!  Please take a look at 8 Seconds and all the other great, free PnP games here.  Voting is open through March 15, 2017.

8 Development Track Cards
4 Civilization Aspect Cards
6 Maps (double sided)
2 Resource Tracking Cards
2 Bonus Tracking Cards (for tracking research, taxes, and event die bonuses)
1 First Player card.

16 Stat Cubes
12 Resource Cubes (2x of Yellow, Brown, Gray, Black, Blue, and Red)
6 colored clips (2x of Blue, Green, Black)
16 D6 Unit Dice
2 D6 for random events and battle.
6 Damage Cubes for battle.

CivMint is a 2 player game (3-4 with a second set) that uses limited cards and components in order to fit inside an Altoids sized mint tin.

The goal of CivMint is to build the most powerful and prosperous civilization.

CivMint is a micro civilization building game with a branching tech tree that fits in a mint tin. The game is a combination of area control, resource management, and civilization development. There are four development tracks: Religion, Government, Culture, and Technology. There are five resources to manage: Wood, Stone, Metal, Food, and Money, as well as Combat Power that is used to give you an edge in battle. Each civilization has four aspects to manage: Military Might, Civilian Happiness, Economic Growth, and Population Size. There are also seven types of units that players can build and use for various purposes, represented by D6 dice: Settlers, Villages, Cities, Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and Ships (identified the same as settlers, but on water spaces).

As a player researches different developments their civilizations will get different benefits. Depending on how a player chooses to develop their civilization they can focus on military, knowledge, or economic strategies.

CivMint has a simple, straightforward tech tree to provide a relatively simple gameplay, yet offers a depth of strategy and multiple paths to victory. Each of the four tracks (religion, political, culture, and technology) has only two branches. The two branches of each track will have strategically opposite goals, e.g. Religion has endings in either Atheism or Monotheism, Political ends in either Communism or Democracy, Culture ends in either Education or Economics, and Technology ends in either Gunpowder or Scientific Reasoning. Each development has thematic benefits and penalties throughout the rest of the game.

CivMint Tech Tree
Units can be built and upgraded using resources that are gathered from the spaces on the maps. Points will be awarded based on combinations of developments researched, areas controlled, and resources obtained. There will be several end-game triggers, including reaching a certain number of advancements, conquering an opponent's capital city, or building a powerful economy.

PnP Files:
Low Art Cards:
Full Art Cards: Support me on Patron!

Other components needed:
- 16 8mm Stat Cubes (8 per player in a color that matches the dice)
- 12 8mm Resource Cubes (6 per player, one each of Yellow, Brown, Gray, Black, Blue, and Red)
- 16 12mm D6 Unit Dice (8 per player - 2 colors)
- 2 12mm D6 for random events and battle.
- 6 8mm Damage Cubes for battle.

11/10/2016 - Updated the rules to fix some typos that caused discrepancies in the component list and setup instructions.
11/22/2016 - Updated the rules to fix a typo in the Round End section that had an old description about removing damage cubes from the board at the end of the round. That section of the rules is now consistent with an earlier section and the reference sheet.
12/9/2016 - After some more playtesting I made a few minor adjustments to the rules. Mostly clarifications, but a few tweaks that affect gameplay. I also got rid of the dials in favor of a few paperclips and two additional tracking cards. And I'm including a card for the first player token, too. Gameplay changes include adjustments to a few maps to keep the board a little more open, a few increased opportunities to gain research, some advancements give you some money, too. Hopefully that'll make the game move a tad bit quicker and encourage combat a little more. This should cut down on a bit of height for the components. I also completely reformatted the rules so they can fit on two sheets of paper (double sided). The paper has trim lines to make the pages 7"x10" and 7"x6" so that they can be folded to business card size and added to the mint tin. It's a tight fit, but everything fits! As of these updates I'm calling the game tentatively Contest Ready. I had hoped to make nicer looking map cards, but I don't think I'll get to that before the 12th. If I do though, it'll be an additional file with full art cards, but that's the only thing that will change. Below is a sample of what the map cards will look like if I get them all finished.
12/10/2016 - OK, I shouldn't have doubted myself. Of course I wouldn't let the game go without being a little fancy. Last night I was up way, way too late finishing up the map cards. And then even later making a cover graphic. So I've uploaded a second file with full art cards (only the map artwork is updated). However, in doing so, I noticed that when converting from Word to PDF some of the Development Tracks got messed up. So I fixed that. So both Cards PDFs are new and all is fixed. This game is officially fully Contest Ready now!
Resource tracking, Civilization Aspect, and Development Track cards.

Development Track and Map cards.

The backs of the cards above.
Bonus Tracking and First Player cards.

One of the maps.

Playing an early prototype.

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