Catacombs of Mu

Catacombs of Mu
1-4 players
60 minutes
Solo, Competitive, & Coop Variants
Ages 8+
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In Catacombs of Mu each player takes on the role of a character exploring the mysterious labyrinth that is the Catacombs. Buried deep within the winding passages are ancient relics from the prehistoric lost continent of Mu. Players race to discover these priceless treasures and escape to the surface. But without a map the treacherous journey may result in you getting lost forever!

The game is played on 4 square boards that are each divided into 6x6 grids. 111 square tiles are used throughout the game (drawn from a draw bag) to create paths through the catacombs and to represent relics, items, encounters, monsters, and more. 4 pawns are used to represent each player's character. 33 tokens are used to track health and ammunition on character boards.

I have been designing and testing the game on larger components (1.25" tiles and a 20"x20" game board), but it was designed with scaling down to a 10"x10" playing area (4 5"x5" boards clipped together). Also, only a few components are on the board at any time, so hopefully it'll work well with magnetic components.

Print and Play Components can be downloaded at the following links.  The rules may change, but the other components likely will not (character cards would be the most likely components to change, but hopefully not).  These are for the full size game, using 1.25" square tiles and a 20"x20" game board.

Rules (14x pages) -
Tiles (3x pages) -
Game Board (4x 11"x17" pages) -
Characters (3x pages) -
Reference Cards (1x page) -
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Recommended assembly instructions:


  1. Print the 3 pages of Tiles on full size label paper.  
  2. Stick the label paper to matboard.  
  3. Cut the 111 tiles into squares.
  4. Cut the 33 tokens (hearts and bullets) into circles (1" circles are recommended) or .75" squares.
  1. Print the 4 pages of boards on 11"x17" paper.
  2. Cut out a 20"x20" foamcore board.
  3. Cut out the 4 boards, using the registration marks in the corners.
  4. Paste the 4 boards onto the foamcore so that the passageways match up.
  5. Optionally, cut the foamcore so it folds.
  1. Print the 3 pages of character cards.
  2. Cut each page in half to form 2 character boards per page.
  3. Optionally, laminate the 6 character boards.
Reference Cards:
  1. Print the 1 page of reference cards.  (You may want to print this twice.)
  2. Cut the page in half to form 2 reference cards.
  3. Optionally, laminate the reference cards.
Also needed:
  • 4x Player Pawns
Now you are ready to play!  Print the rules if you like, or reference the PDF.

Game design by: George Jaros
Special Thanks: Julie Zaborac, Mike Jaros, Sam Jaros

Copyright © 2014-2015

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

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