Construction Wars

Construction Wars
Development Period: July 2014 - Ongoing
Status: Early Development

It may be just a job site prank, but another construction crew has stolen your lunch!  That’s ok though, you stole someone else's lunch!  But you still want yours back, and will use all the tools of the trade to ensure you get your lunch before the other crews get theirs.

In Construction Wars, up to 6 players players each control their construction crew of two pieces.  Each player moves their construction crew pieces around a playing field, building and destroying obstacles in order to acquire their team’s lunchbox before other players acquire theirs.  Each player controls two pieces in their team, generally one for defense and one for offense.   Each player gets to take one action per piece per turn and different characters have different special abilities.  Players create Blueprints for each piece on their team and when they are satisfied they may execute those Blueprints and see what happens. Each of the six different teams has special abilities that will help them out in their construction battles.

The game is played on a three dimensional playing field composed of square cubes.  Other pieces can be used to modify the playing field during the course of play.  Building pieces in the game used for construction include:

Player pieces cannot move through obstacles, however the execution of the blueprints must proceed as written and once started must continue to completion.  If a player’s piece falls into a hole or off a bridge they must skip the next action in their Blueprints.

In addition to the pieces above used for construction players can also dig holes and ditches, build dirt piles, leave oil slicks, and set dynamite traps.  Blueprint cards allow players to build plans to move, turn, build, and demolish obstacles when the Blueprints are executed.

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