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Press Release - Ahau – Rulers of Yucatan by Apeiron Games

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Ahau – Rulers of Yucatan by Apeiron Games



Ahau is an innovative Euro-style board game set in the Classical Period of the Maya, which provides a fascinating and immersive theme. Besides being a fun way of entertainment, it's also a playful educational tool that brings Maya history closer to its players. The cultural and historical aspects of the game were reviewed by David S. Anderson, professor of anthropology and  archeology, instructor at the Radford University in Virginia, U.S. Furthermore, our team of advisors include:

  • Josh Schell, a PhD Candidate at Brown University who works as an archeologist in the Usumacinta Region, 

  • Walter Paz Joj from Guatemala, our cultural, a modern aj'tzib or Maya scribe, who is working hard to resurrect the ancient Maya writing system for modern use

  • Carlos H Rodriguez P, our cultural consultant from Mexico who is also well-versed in Maya history and culture, and knows how to write and read Mayan codices.

In the game, players take on the role of ancient Maya rulers and compete for dominance over the Yucatán peninsula.



Dual engine-building for dynamic play

Each player will build two engines at the same time: one on the  player board, and one on the game board. The engines interlock and interact with each  other in direct and subtle ways to create a super-engine that  drives the game forward.

Excellent replayability

There is no single strategy that can work in all situations, and  players have to adapt tactics for each setup and in-game  state. 

• Almost no luck involved

Success in Ahau depends on your own strategic skills and those of your fellow players. 

• A Balanced Pantheon

Our web of god powers will keep you guessing which one truly rules.

Escalating tension

Keeps players engaged and at the edge of their seats throughout the game.

More than 50 Unique Illustrations in the base game, 20 more in the expansion (free on day 1)

All based on real historical examples, while remaining contemporary and fresh.

Immersion From Start To Finish

Rich aesthetics work together with carefully crafted mechanics to increase immersion into the ancient Maya culture

Solo Gameplay Mode by Acclaimed Designer David Digby

Includes variable difficulty solo options and 6 AI personalities.


The only language-dependent components are the rulebook and two reference cards. Ahau is available in English and Spanish. French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Greek, Russian, Japanese and Korean language packs can be unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign.

About the Team

Tamás Oláh - game designer

Tamás is a history buff, an admirer of ancient Maya culture and of everything ancient. He has been designing games for a number of years now. His favourite games include Concordia, Race for the Galaxy, Terraforming Mars, the Civilization series by Sid Meier and the Total War series by the Creative Assembly. In his spare time, he loves to read books about history (whether fiction or nonfiction) or science fiction, watch movies, or spend time with family and friends. His favourite authors include Stephen King, John Scalzi and Joseph Campbell. His favourite drink is flat white.

David Digby - solo designer

David is a renowned solo game designer who recently worked with Martin Wallace, developing the updated version of Tinners Trail, published by Alley Cat Games, and with David Turczi on the solo modes of Undaunted: Normandy and Anunnaki: Dawn of the Gods. David originally encountered the project as a rulebook editor, but joined the team as the solo designer, and stayed with the game throughout its many iterations, even helping in its development. You can follow him on BoardGameGeek here

Máté Galambos - graphic designer

Mate has been a graphic designer for 6 years. He graduated as a landscape architect and product designer, so keen on developing tangible design projects. His family have loved taking part in quiz shows and playing board games together since his childhood. His favorite games are Definity, Risk, 7 Wonders. He loves watching series (dramas) and constantly coming up with brand new business ideas. You can find his portfolio here.

Dávid Szabó - illustrator

Dávid started his career as a concept artist. He joined the team of 3D Brigade in 2007, an outsource game developer studio, where he worked on famous and popular games (Overlord 2, Silent Hill, Azada, Rise of the Argonauts, Superbike, CSI:NY etc). From 2010 to 2012, he worked as a 2D artist and visual designer for Zen Studios in games such as Marvel Pinball, Castle Storm, KickBeat etc.

After this period he joined Otherside Outsourcing, where he contributed to many PC and mobile games projects (Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness, Sim City, Monopoly Towns, Tiny Archers etc.), later becoming a 2D lead artist.

From 2018, he has been a freelancer concept artist/illustrator with other illustrators by his side, headquartered in Budapest. The team has been working on worldwide known mobile games, Kickstarter projects and a geek clothes manufactury from England. 

In his free time, Dávid is working on his own paintings, illustrating books and developing a mobile game with friends. 

His favourite games are One Night Ultimate Werewolf (board game), SW:Fallen Order, Red Dead Redemption 2, Darksiders series. His favourite authors are Frank Herbert, Agatha Christie, George R. R. Martin. His favourite drink isScotch, 

You can find his artwork on Artstation, Instagram, and Facebook

Zsófia Diósi - social media manager

Zsófia has been fascinated with board games since the first time she played Dungeons and Dragons, and remained a fan ever since. Combined with the pioneer spirit of Kickstarter, assisting in promising projects is her passion. She participated in two Kickstarter campaigns so far, Ausonia and Bone to Pick, both published by Lycan Studio. She is excited to see what other games she can watch as they come to life in the future.

Her favourite game is Betrayal at House on the Hill. Her favorite authors are Bulgakov, Tolkien and Ovid. Her favourite drink is Ceylon and Earl Grey tea.

Andrea Molnár - public relations

Andrea is a freelance public relations specialist. She is an enthusiastic digital nomad and former student of Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania where she obtained a masters degree in communication and public relations. With 10 years of international work experience in a wide range of industries, she enjoys solving the ever changing challenges of creative projects on Kickstarter.


 Ahau has been tested and reviewed by various leading board game outlets and influencers. Check out some of the criticism it received:

Check out our media kit : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1e36Fl0WGtMpbqGePIwLgHBIQt2-XcSLN?usp=sharing 

About us

APEIRON Games is an independent board game and media publisher.  We are a family-sized, diverse team of board game lovers of various ages and backgrounds. Our core mission is to create games that provide  players with a deep, challenging, and immersive experience. Apeiron Games is 100 % owned and operated by Tamás Oláh. 

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