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Quick Review - Get Bit

Get Bit 
Designer: Dave Chalker
Publisher: Mayday Games
Quick Review - Get Bit

Today my youngest son turned 5.  He's become quite the gamer lately and has been asking for two games: Zombie Dice and Get Bit.  So this morning when he opened them up he was super excited.  Unfortunately today was also his birthday party, so we were spending the day cleaning and then entertaining and didn't have a chance to play either of them all day, despite him asking over and over.  Finally after everyone left we all sat down to play Get Bit.  And we had a blast!

The game is super simple to play.  First, set up the robots in a line with the shark behind them.  Then each player gets a hand of cards (5-7 depending on the number of players) in their color.  Each player then plays a card from his hand.  Players move their robots to the front of the line so that the highest number card played is at the very front.  Except if any players play the same number, then those robots don't move.  The robot at the end of the line gets a limb eaten.  Then play repeats until the shark eats all of the robots except for two.  When there are two robots left the shark immediately eats the last shark.

Despite how simple the game was we had a ton of fun.  The robots are awesome to play with.  Even though the main game says to remove just the limbs, the robots come apart into a number of pieces (feet, shins, thighs, butts, torsos, hands, forearms, upper arms, and heads are all removable) so that you can play longer games if you want.  We ended up playing a bit longer by having the shark eat the heads, butts, and torsos, too.  With the kids the game was mainly about playing cards somewhat randomly (my older son likes to always play cards in order from highest to lowest, so it's pretty easy to predict what he'll play), but I can see how with a few adults the deduction, bluffing, and decisions can be pretty fun.  The game is quick and plays in 10-20 minutes and is for 2-6 players (recommended with 4 or more though) and is a great game for quick family game time, a warmup or end of night game for your game nights, or to take with on camping trips.  We really enjoyed this, and I think my wife was pleasantly surprised!

Preliminary Rating: 8/10

It doesn't look like it, but he's having fun!
He's trying to decide what card to play and is deep in thought.

Uh oh, the shark thinks his blue robot is yummy!

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