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Kickstarter Preview - Outburst Game Tables - Gaming Accessory

Outburst Game Tables
By: Spielgeek
Kickstarter Preview - Outburst Game Tables - Gaming Accessory
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So, a few weeks ago I was asked if I'd like to review a game table.  At first I thought "No way!  Only the big guys get sent game tables to review.  I've finally made it!"  Well, it turns out that the Outburst Game Tables aren't quite what I first expected, but I'm still happy to review them for you.
They may be the tables I deserve, but not the tables I need...
Outburst Game Tables are a novelty accessory for your game nights.  They're small, laser cut tables that you assemble yourself.  Then, when the frustrations of game night become too overwhelming, instead of flipping a full size table that might spill food and drinks, damage flooring or other furniture, cause projectiles to injure your friends, and cause you to throw out your back, you can simply flip over your Outburst Game Table.
Do Not Try This At Home: Professional Table Flipper Pictured.
These 4" (approximately) tables are just big enough to place a handful of components on, so when you flip them you still get a satisfying scatter of dice, cards, and tokens.  And since you get two tables with your pledge, you can even stack the tables before you flip them!
I guess I spoke too soon.  He needs a little more practice.
Not into flipping tables and scattering game components all over your full-size table?  Then the Outburst Game Table can be used for a myriad of other uses.  It can be a cup holder, snack table, trophy stand, microgame display, or even a table for your favorite action heroes to play games at.  There are a lot of uses for the Outburst Game Table.
Fresca added for size.  Mountain Dew added for caffeine.
The Outburst Game Tables are constructed of high quality baltic birch plywood, and then precision cut with a laser cutter.  One will come stained in a gorgeous Jacobean stain and the other will come in a lighter Early American stain.  The Early American is light enough that you can probably recolor it yourself if you like.
Some Assembly Required.
You can see some of the chips in the plywood.  The outer frame around the pieces was
cracked in multiple places, too, but all the table pieces survived transit.
Assembly wasn't too difficult.  I did have to cut the pieces out of the surrounding boards with an X-Acto knife, and some of the panels were broken in shipment (none of the table pieces were broken though, however there were a few splinters in the table components - the company has said they'll look into better shipping methods than a plain envelope though), but the pieces fit together snugly without any glue or trimming necessary.
You may need a tool or two.  Sharp pointy things not included.
Final Thoughts:
The Outburst Game Tables aren't really something I would usually consider purchasing.  They're just a novelty and I personally don't have the budget to spend on silly novelty items.  That said, they are only $5 and would make a humorous addition to a game night, or a funny gift for that gamer who has everything.  Their quality is great, especially if they ship them in a bit sturdier packaging, and they held up well to repeated flippings.  They are just thin plywood, so they're not indestructible, but for regular flipping or as a display piece, they'll hold up just fine.
Don't worry, the big table was that scratched up before flipping the Outburst tables.
If you do intend to use them a lot for stress relief as an alternative to flipping the actual game table I might suggest that you either get some therapeutic help for yourself, or find a game group that is a bit more relaxed.  Just because someone bought the Gemstone Mine card in Splendor the turn before you were going to get it, for the fourth time this game, doesn't mean you need to flip a table.  But if you really want to play with someone who'll flip the table next time you stick them with four tiles they can't use in Azul, the Outburst Game Tables are a great alternative to picking up game pieces all night.
I don't recommend doing this with open cans of soda.  The tables do get a bit topheavy.
Outburst Game Tables are available on Kickstarter until 9am central time on July 31, 2019.  For only $5 (plus $1-$2 shipping depending on your location) you'll get two tables; a traditional rectangular table with a game layout etched in the top and an oval table with decorative legs.

This review is of a prototype game accessory.  Components may not be final and are subject to change.

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