Sunday, December 26, 2021

Enter to win This Didn't Happen, the time travel card game from Island of Bees

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Win a copy of This Didn't Happen

A 4-player Coop Card game where players travel into the past to stop the apocalypse.

To celebrate the Kickstarter for This Didn't Happen, Island of Bees is giving away a copy of This Didn't Happen to one lucky winner! 

The apocalypse is coming and there's no way to stop it, so let's undo it! 

This Didn't Happen is a card game about changing history to nullify the apocalypse. Travel through time with 1-4 players, gathering supplies, changing events, and fiddling with the time-stream. Each player has a unique time traveler with individual strengths and weaknesses. 

The goal is to change key events throughout history and cause enough changes that the apocalypse doesn't happen. Changing one event can cause others to change too! With planning and precision, you can change several key events by changing only one event. However, without planning or caution, you may cause the world to tumble into an even darker timeline! 

Remember, if anything goes wrong: This Didn't Happen! 

Learn more at:  Island of Bees  

Win This Didn't Happen from Island of Bees!
This contest is brought to you by GJJ Games and Island of Bees.
Open to US residents age 18+ only.

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