Friday, October 10, 2014

Quick Review - Pentago

Designer: Tomas Flodén
Publisher: MindtwisterUSA
Quick Review - Pentago
Pentago is a pretty standard connect-X type of 2 player strategy game with a twist.  Each player chooses a color, white or black, and then takes turns placing marbles in an attempt to get five in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the board.  The big twist is literally that.  After placing a marble each turn the player must choose one quadrant of the board to rotate 90 degrees.  This means the layout of the board is constantly changing and marbles that don't line up now might after a twist.

I found the game fun to play, but pretty typical for the 2 player strategy games that share similar goals.  The spinning quadrants requires players to really think and plan ahead in order to out maneuver their opponent.

This isn't a game that I'll be running out to find for my collection, however if I stumble upon it in a resale shop or garage sale I'll pick it up.  It would be a good addition to the other 2 player strategy games in my collection, like Pente, Quarto, Score 4, Swivel, Yengo, etc. but not a necessary addition.

Preliminary Rating: 5/10

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