Friday, October 10, 2014

Quick Review - The Scrambled States of America

The Scrambled States of America
Designer: Mary Ellroy
Publisher: Gamewright
Quick Review - The Scrambled States of America
OK, I confess, I haven't actually played this game.  But I watched while my wife and sons played as part of their homeschool lessons.  In The Scrambled States of America there are two decks of cards, one deck of states, and one deck of challenge cards.  Each player starts with a map of the US and a number of state cards that show a cartoon picture of the state (with faces, arms, legs, etc.) as well as the name, capitol, and nickname of the state.  Then players take turns drawing a challenge card and then racing each other to find a state in their hand that completes the challenge.  Some of the challenges are as simple as finding a state with a particular letter in the name, some are more challenging, like finding the state that is closest to somewhere else.  Through this kids will learn the location of states on the map, names, nicknames, and capitols of the states, and sometimes other geographic tidbits.  A simpler version of the game allows for players to play without racing each other.  The game ends when all the state cards are used up.

My boys had a lot of fun playing this game, even asking to play again the next day.  It's a simple way to learn some basic state facts and basic geography, but that's all it is, basic.  Part of the problem is that each player will only see a fraction of the states each time they play.  And during each game players will only be looking at some of the information about each state.  So to be of any real educational value the game will have to be played a lot.  But the game is simple and quick enough that the boys can play it whenever they want, even without an adult.

Both of my boys have said that they liked the game a lot and wouldn't change anything about it.  My wife thinks its a good supplement to standard lessons in US geography, but can't stand alone as a sole supplemental game.  We don't currently have any other US geography games, but we have been eyeing 10 Days in the USA to play alongside this one.

Preliminary Rating: 5/10

Playing The Scrambled States of America

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