Friday, May 17, 2019

Press Release: Live on Kickstarter - GALACTIC SPACE EXPLORATION (Level 1) - New Board Game

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The space race is heating up with a new space-themed board game for kids aged 6-160.

Live on Kickstarter, Galactic Space Exploration - The Ultimate Space Exploration Game.
A fast-paced tabletop game that combines space exploration with savvy investing skills.

Kickstarter campaign:

Determined to save humanity and take us to the stars, four space exploration companies - Space Explorer, Blue Origination, Bigelow Aeros and NASA, are now taking the space race to a whole new level, rapidly expanding their operations across the Solar System. Seeking untapped resources for sale on the interplanetary market they all have one goal - be the first to reach space beyond the Kuiper belt bordering our Solar System and begin truly exploring the Milky Way Galaxy.

In Galactic Space Exploration you are the CEO of a space exploration company and your goal is to master the market by making smart investments in “Innovation Exploration, Materials, and Energy” so you can build rocket ships to explore the solar system, and eventually fly out into the Milky Way Galaxy! Grow your capital, increase your fleet, and expand your holdings within the Solar System - but one false move, and your organization will be on the wrong end of the space boom.

Will YOU be the first to reach the stars?

Galactic Space Exploration is launching with 40+ hours of playtesting and the full art and design complete. The Kickstarter campaign will feature the game at $35 ($30 for those quick enough to get the limited early bird special). As well as, options for sending the game to a school of your choosing - as part of our School Space Program!  I want to help educate the current generation of children about the endless possibilities of space travel and the importance of smart investing along the way.

Shipping will be available worldwide at $22.13, and games are expected to start shipping on July 1st, 2019. Most backers can expect to receive their copies in the first two weeks of July.

Number of players: 1-4
Playtime required: 40-80 min
Recommended ages: 6-160
Visit the Kickstarter page to preorder now!

Kickstarter campaign:

Space Entrepreneurs Wanted! 
The Ultimate Space Exploration Game!

What would you do if you had the chance to set off on a rocket fuel-powered adventure to explore the Solar System, expand your fleet of rocket ships, and make your mark on the Galaxy?

Galactic Space Exploration makes it all possible.

As the head of NASA, Space Explorer, Blue Origination, or Bigelow Aeros, it’s up to you to use your resources wisely, keep an eye on market conditions, and be the first to send your rocketship off into the galaxy!

Each player begins on Earth with one rocketship and 5 units. The player with the advantage of youth (whoever is the youngest) goes first, with turns moving clockwise from there. To launch your rocket ships from Earth, you’re going to need supplies. Your resources include Energy (EGY), Materials (MAT), and Innovation Exploration (INEX). To earn these resources, roll the dice and pick up the corresponding card. If you roll a Planet or Moon, you may choose 1 resource card for every rocketship you have on whichever one was rolled.

The value of your resources changes based on market conditions. After “working for resources” by rolling the dice, flip over a market card to find out what prices are like in the market during your turn. A key tip that will aid you throughout the game is to buy low and sell high, just like in the stock market. Buy resources when prices are 1 and 2, and sell when they’re 4 and 5. During your turn, you can buy or sell up to 5 resources.

After deciding what to buy and what to sell, you can purchase more rocket ships to build your fleet, or launch one of your existing rocket ships along one of the pre-marked flight paths. The costs of your options are as follows:

Rocket Ships:
- 10 units for one ship on Earth
- 15 units for one ship launched to any planet or moon you already occupy
Flight Plans:
-  5 units to fly between planets and moons
- 10 units to fly from Earth to Mars
- 15 units to fly around the Asteroid Belt to Jupiter
- 50 units to explore the Galaxy

The first player to reach either a planet or a moon gets an extra roll. Players cannot fly between moons yet, not until Level 2 - coming soon.

Your turn ends when you have worked for resources, purchased and sold resources, and bought and flown all the rocket ships you can. Refer to your player card if you ever need a refresher on the steps.

To win the game, you need to expand your fleet until you have:
- 3 rocket ships on Planets
- 8 rocket ships on Moons
- 1 rocket ship exploring the Galaxy

After a player meets the winning conditions, every other player has one final turn to try to meet them as well to tie the game - or lose.

Get Your Rocket Ships and Start Exploring! 

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